National Housing Strategy Bilateral Agreements

These agreements are consistent with the new vision of housing under the National Housing Strategy, and are more flexible and consistent with the expected results. The Investment in Affordable Housing Agreement (IAH) is an obligation for the governments of Canada and Alberta to invest $323 million over eight years (2011-19) to make it more difficult for more individuals, seniors and families to access affordable housing. $241 million is being invested in new data collection tools, demonstration projects and solution labs, as well as efforts to further stimulate housing research, both within and outside government, to diversify sources and perspectives of information. The multilateral framework sets out a common vision for housing and lays the groundwork for bilateral agreements on the implementation of important initiatives in the national housing strategy. In addition to these initiatives, the NHS, through the Rental Construction Financing Initiative, is also creating new affordable market rental housing, building construction and providing more housing opportunities along the housing continuum. The Alberta government is working closely with the Canadian government to provide affordable housing for Albertans. On 30 June 2016, the Confederation and the federal states signed an agreement on social housing. The new bilateral agreements signed with the provinces and territories are presented below. Through the HPS, the federal government has invested $762 million over five years to prevent and reduce homelessness. Between April 2014 and March 2019, 74,111 Canadians, homeless or threatened with the homeless, were placed in more stable shelters. CMHC`s seed funding program supports affordable housing through zero-rate loans and/or non-refundable contributions to help cover the costs of pre-development activities. CMHC continues to work with First Nation Communities to support its housing goals.

We provide tools, training, programs and knowledge to help First Nations build, maintain and maintain homes in their communities and develop new housing skills. Some of the above results are part of the Canadian government`s broader $180 billion investment plan. To learn more and explore funded residential projects in your community, visit With $300 million, the First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF) encourages and supports the development of market-based housing in First Nations communities.