Statutory Rights Of Hirer Under Hire Purchase Agreement

“basic interest rate,” the minimum rate based on owner`s financing and other administrative costs; “consumer goods,” goods purchased for personal, family or domestic purposes; 2. The written statements referred to in paragraph 1 are served by sending personally to the tenant or his agent who confirms the receipt of the tenant by signing under his hand in the corresponding column contained in it. 3. Any person who has received the written statement or statements referred to in paragraph 1 above is not required to enter into a lease agreement and does not require any payment or other consideration in relation to the establishment or service of such statements or statements. (ii) the number of payments to be paid by the tenant under the agreement; T represents the time that elapses between the time set by or under the agreement for the payment of the first tranche and the time set for the production of the last tranche, with — a) a week during which payments are payable at regular intervals per week under the agreement; 30. 1. The terms of a lease-sale agreement, when calculated as an annual rate according to the formula defined in the sixth calendar, may not exceed a rate per year imposed by the provisions of this Act for goods or product classes. 2. Where a lease-sale agreement is entered into in violation of this section, the tenant may, in writing, compel the lessor signed by the lessor or the enforcement agent, either to breach the nullity contracts or to reduce its liability to the amount of those conditions; and-a) if the tenant chooses to treat the tenancy agreement null and void, the contract is cancelled and the amount paid or made available by the cash payment or any other consideration, by or on behalf of the tenant under the contract, is paid as a debt by a claim against the landlord; b) If the tenant chooses to reduce his liability to the amount of the agreement for the terms, his liability is reduced by that amount and this amount can be deducted by the tenant of the amount that would otherwise be owed under the contract and to the extent that it is not taxed in this way. , can be recovered by the tenant`s action as debt owed to him by the landlord.

12. The tenant keeps the aforementioned machinery and equipment, insured on behalf of the company, with a recognized insurance company and pays the premium as soon as it is due and regularly due. The insurance policy will be given to the company and the tenant will provide the company with the premium certificate or Xerox copy of the company from time to time.