Zoom Developer Agreement

The Developer wishes to further develop the Website and agrees to do so under the terms of this Agreement. Zoom Marketplace, available on marketplace.zoom.us, is a website hosted by Zoom to promote Zoom-approved apps and make them available through mobile and desktop client apps. Apart from zoom compatibility testing, Zoom does not perform any other testing and does not warrant or support the Apps. You must provide Zoom Marketplace with your App with your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Support Information (“Your Terms”). Zoom users can access and download your apps from the Marketplace in accordance with your terms. Zoom has no obligation to list or publish your Apps on the Marketplace and reserves the right to remove them from the Marketplace at any time if you violate these Terms of Service or if Zoom believes that the Apps should be removed for legal compliance, customer protection, or other business reasons. “Data” means all data and content uploaded, displayed, transmitted or otherwise made available by Users through the Services, including messages, files, profile information, text, documents, audio and video files, still images and anything entered or uploaded to the Services by a user of the Services. “Your Data” means any information that you, persons acting on your behalf or users of your Application post on a website or transmit to or through Zoom in connection with your use of the Services. Zoom will only use your information in connection with the maintenance of the Sites, the provision of the Services, and the compilation of usage statistics from the Marketplace site through your App in accordance with these Terms of Use and as set forth in Zoom`s Online Privacy Statement at www.zoom.us/privacy. You hereby consent to such use. All domains that receive reminders or requests from Zoom must be allowed. To verify a domain, download the HTML file with a validation code and place the file in a folder named /zoomverify under the domain root.

When this measurement is complete, click Verify so that the application can be submitted for review. What the developer will do Know what the developer promises to deliver and when. The developer can insert a signature and link at the bottom of the website to prove authorship. This signature is made by agreement between the owner and the developer and must be deleted at any time at the written request of the developer, the owner party. However, we have failed to provide you, our Zoom developers, with a set of quality standards that we expect from apps and provide you with the resources you need to publish apps in the shortest review cycles. We`ve learned this lesson over the past two weeks, since the official launch of the Zoom App Marketplace. More than 90% of app submissions that were requested for publishing permission were rejected because they don`t meet the standards of our Marketplace apps, but it`s not your fault. our developers! If your app was compliant with an industry such as HIPAA or FedRAMP, or if it is specific to higher education or K-12, please also select the optional vertical that applies: Education, Health, Government. If you don`t see the specific vertical for your application, let us know at code@zoom.us. This Marketplace Developer Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between you and Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (“Zoom”, “we”, “us” or “our”) that governs your ability to publish and distribute your software, applications, integrations and other digital content or services (collectively, “Application”) on the Zoom Application Marketplace (“Marketplace”) or in Zoom`s services or products.

If you accept this Agreement on behalf of a legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to do so (and for the avoidance of clarity, all other references to “you” in this Agreement refer to that company). .